The Ohmm Face and Body professional therapists offer a variety of speciality body treatments and massage.



Ohmm Face & Body offers sports and therapeutic massage therapy, which is increasingly in demand as an essential part of sports training, to enhance performance and aid recovery, as well as assist with chronic pain and discomfort.

The constant build up of muscle tension caused by either inactivity or over training leads to increased tension on joints, ligaments, tendons and the muscles themselves. This build up creates pain in the affected areas and can travel into referral pain such as headaches or achy joints.

For the sports person, muscle tension causes fatigue, cramping, slow recovery and hinders the body’s ability to function optimally. Different muscle groups are recruited and used for different sports – these muscle group can become overused and eventually inefficient due to the muscle spasm that hinders the natural contracting and releasing of the muscle fibers. The body will then recruit a secondary muscle group to assist, but unfortunately this secondary group will never be as capable as the primary functional group and the athlete’s performance will reach a plateau or even decrease.

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